Julia Farrington is a freelance arts producer and consultant, and an impact producer for documentary films.  Since 2005, she has specialised in artistic freedom, working at the intersection between arts, politics and social justice. She was Head of Arts at Index on Censorship (2009 – 2014) and since 2014 has continued to work as Associate Arts Producer with Index in a freelance capacity, on her pioneering work on censorship and self-censorship in the arts in UK. She worked for Belarus Free Theatre (2014 – 2016) as their head of campaigns. She currently works with Kayd Somali Arts and Culture on the London based Somali Week Festival, leading on a programme of transition and capacity building. She is also working as Impact Producer on Even When I Fall, a documentary telling the story of Circus, Nepal’s first and only circus, founded by survivors of child trafficking into corrupt Indian circuses. She has worked internationally with artists and organisations in Myanmar, Belarus, Ethiopia, Turkey and Somaliland, promoting artistic freedom.

Examples of Julia’s work:


Advising institutions and individuals working with issues that fall within legally protected areas of society

  • Ditchling Museum of Arts and Crafts – Eric Gill The Body
  • Homegrown – The Inconvenient Muslim –
  • The Brothers – Javaad Alipoor


  • Tripwires 2011 – 2012: youth programme – exploring issues of freedom of expression, censorship, self-censorship through the arts.
  • Where do you draw the line: 2013-2014 – working with literature and literacy organisations on issues of institutional positioning on freedom of expression.
  • Supporting risk-taking and controversy in the arts – 2017 – ongoing – working with senior arts management, boards and senior police

Connecting and Mapping

Artsfex mapping project with Emerson College, Boston – working with students on interactive, graphic representations of mapping of organisational and institutional support for artists worldwide.

Research, Evaluation and Writing

Case studies on UK artworks that have ventured into protected areas of society – some that have been foreclosed on the advice of the police, others that have been successfully produced.

Working with Legal Frameworks

Edited a series of five information packs on UK laws that impact on what is sayable in the arts – counter-terrorism, public order, child protection, race and religious hatred and obscene publications.

Public Speaking and Events

Some examples of events devised and produced:

  • Tripwires performance – young people promenade, multi-media performance in London’s East End
  • Taking the Offensive, censorship and self-censorship in UK arts, London 2013
  • The Art of Transition, Yangon 2013
  • Belfast Symposium on artistic censorship in the Troubles and in peace time 2014
  • ‘I’m with the Banned’ major international concert, artists performing in solidarity with artists who are not free., in collaboration with BBC Arts Online – featuring David Gilmour and Pussy Riot London 2015
  • Staging a Revolution – series of post show talks on themes of Belarus FreeTheatre repertoire